Pullman Criminal Defense

Even Pullman Needs Criminal Defense Attorneys

Even though Bloomberg Businessweek named Pullman as the best place to raise kids in the State of Washington, they still employ a police force to make sure everyone obeys the law. If you have been accused of a crime, DUI, or any other infraction; isn’t it nice to know that you can call a criminal defense attorney that knows the area, protects your rights, and can defend you against your charge?

Big city penalties

The laws in Pullman aren’t much different from the laws in Seattle or any other large city in Washington. The penalties aren’t any different either. A crime that will send you to prison in Seattle will send you to prison in Pullman. Your need for an experienced criminal defense attorney isn’t diminished either. We bring the experience and expertise you would need in any city in Washington to Pullman to fight your DUI charge, shoplifting charge, assault charge, or any other criminal charge.

Are you a student?

Washington State University has nearly 20,000 students. Many are from out of town or out of state. If you are from out of state and you commit a crime, you can’t run home. You need help in Pullman. Give us a call for your DUI or other crime. We can work with you and your family to create the best outcome possible for your charge. If the prosecutors overstepped their bounds, we will fight for dismissal. We will do all we can to keep this from interrupting your education or future plans.

Getting real about your criminal defense

If you have been wrongfully accused or if the evidence against you isn’t solid, the law protects you. We use the law to your advantage. We will seek for a dismissal of your case if possible. You should, however realize that if you committed a crime, society takes that seriously. You need to trust in a criminal defense attorney in Pullman who is capable to defend you. It is the only way to hold onto your life.

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