Will a Spokane DUI Affect My Washington Nursing License

Recently, a nurse came to our Spokane DUI Law Firm scared out of her mind that she was going to lose her job because she had just been arrested for  a DUI in Spokane.  Apparently, she had been researching and scanning DUI Lawyer websites all weekend.  She was very concerned about the consequences to her and her career. As a single mom, and the sole bread winner she had a lot at risk.

She told me that she had come across an attorney’s website that said “her career as a nurse was over.” She was certainly going to lose her job.  Her stress level was sky high and she was on the verge of tears. I asked her what website she had visited, and I began to read it myself.  I couldn’t believe the utter mistruths that were on this site. Not only was the information incorrect, but it didn’t look like it had been updated for a long time. It was frightening to read.  It was obvious that this was a “scare-tactic-lawyer” who gets clients to hire them out of fear. Their goal was to scare her, and they had succeeded.

I tried to calm her. I told her that this information was not accurate, and that her career was not “over.”  At first, she did not believe me, which kind of frustrated me, because I have helped many licensed professionals with their Spokane DUIs.  Her logic was reasonable. “Why would the attorney say the arrest for DUI meant she was going to be fired if it were not true,” she asked?  I explained to her that this type of scare tactic is used in the hopes that the person reading it will be so emotionally effected that they will immediately pick up the phone and call the attorney.  They’ll be so freaked out that they won’t questions the cost. Luckily, she called me instead.

Since every nurse’s DUI and situation is different, we talked about her specific facts and career issues.  Questions came up like, does she have to report the arrest to her employer? What will a conviction mean? And dozens more. The same things may be going through your mind right now.

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After carefully going through her case’s specific circumstances, we were able to create a high-probability strategy that would protect her nursing career.  I replaced her stress and worry, with knowledge and a plan that would meet her goals and protect her family. She was relieved to say the least. I’ve noticed over my 12+ year career as a Spokane DUI Lawyer, that helping clients understand their options and what their real risks are seems to bring them peace-of-mind.

As a nurse, you are in a profession which has special guidelines, and you are more closely monitored than the average worker.  When you receive a Spokane DUI,  we understand that your focus may be on consequences other than jail time or a driver’s license suspension. You’ve got more at stake than the average person. You’re worried about your livelihood. As a Spokane DUI Lawyer that has helped dozens of licensed nurses and other medical people, I understand that.

As an experienced Spokane DUI Lawyer, I have helped nurses all across the state. If you are a nurse that has gotten a Spokane DUI, I hope that I can help take away your worry and help you find a realistic plan to protect your nursing career. Undoubtedly, you’ll have many pressing questions. If that describes you, feel free to call me.

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