Why Assault is Nothing Like the Movies

Spokane assault lawyer

You have seen this exact scene played out over and over again in the movies: You are minding your own business, enjoying a night out on the town. Your beautiful girlfriend accidentally bumps into someone as you walk through the bar, and even though she said she was sorry, he just won’t let it go. You, of course, come to your lady’s rescue, and now grumpy man is yelling at you, too. Before you know it, things have escalated, and he just called your girlfriend something that no one should ever say about a lady, and before you realize it, you have thrown a punch.

In the movie, you would be in the handsome leading man role, and after this act of chivalry you would walk away victorious. You have just defeated the villain and secured the heart of the damsel in distress.

Unfortunately life isn’t like the movies, and instead, your grumpy villain has decided to call the police. Now you are being arrested for assault. What just happened? Where is your happy ending?

It looks like it’s time to call a Spokane assault defense attorney. Assault charges can be very confusing. What degree assault are you charged with? Are you facing a misdemeanor or a felony? What kind of punishment are you looking at? Will your girlfriend wait for you if you end up spending years in jail? And just how can you defend yourself, and put yourself back in the role of the hero?

It is important to act as quickly as possible to gather witnesses and evidence so your attorney can work on your case or get it dismissed. Witness testimony is key in assault cases, and since memories fade over time, it is best to talk to witnesses promptly.

Make sure to protect your future. Assault is nothing like the movies. Your attorney will know how to deal your real life situation.

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