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First and foremost, there are never any guarantees. Nobody, and I mean nobody should be giving you 100% assurances to the outcomes that you can expect with your Spokane DUI. Enough said on that!

Common Spokane DUI Factors That Impact Your Case Outcome

Each Spokane DUI case is different, and just because cousin Larry got a DUI last year, doesn’t mean that you should measure your possible outcomes against that. Why? There are many factors that can affect your potential outcome. I couldn’t possibly list them all. But here are the most common factors that I initially consider as a Spokane DUI Attorney, when I first speak to someone about their case:

  • The Reason the Spokane Police Initially Stopped You. Was there an accident? Were you speeding?
  • Whether You were Cooperative or Not During the Traffic Stop?
  • Field Sobriety Tests (FSTs)?
  • The Results of Your Portable Breath Test (PBT)?
  • The Results of Your DUI Blood Alcohol Content Test (BAC) Given at the Spokane Police Station, or Did You Refuse Testing?
  • Health Issues or Injuries?
  • Medications?
  • Your Prior DUI History (not just Spokane DUI History)?
  • Your Prior Criminal History?
  • Who is Your Assigned Prosecutor?
  • Who Your Assigned Judge Is?
  • What New DUI Policies are Being Pushed Through the Prosecutors Office?

Each DUI Case is Unique

Of course, these are not all of the factors that we would discuss during your free Spokane DUI consultation, but they are the most common. Like I said earlier, each case is unique in some way. It is also important to realize that at various times local prosecutors will take various stances on how to deal with certain factors of a DUI. They may be directed to act that way or it may be more of a personal policy.

After 12 Years Experience as a Spokane DUI Attorney, I’ve Noticed Some Patterns

However, after 12 years of practicing DUI Law in Spokane and defending hundreds of freaked out DUI clients, I have seen certain patterns emerge. Typically, if you don’t have any major red flags in your case, and you BAC levels are not too high, you have a good chance of getting a reduced charge. (I’ll do another article on Red Flags in Your Spokane DUI case later). But please note, that I am speaking in general here. These are not hard and fast rules, and other factors may impact your actual outcomes.

If your BAC level is under 0.15, and no major red flags, and you had an average type DUI arrest, you may be able to get the Spokane DUI reduced to a Reckless Driving or Negligent Driving in the 1st Degree. There are other alternatives to reduce to as well, but those two are the most common. Typically, the lower your BAC the better off you are.

My BAC Was Over 0.15 Can I Still Get My Spokane DUI Charge Reduced

What if my BAC is higher than 0.15? Well, don’t give up or freak out, because you may still be able to get a reduction. We’ve pulled that off for a lot of clients. Its just that it’s going to be harder to get. There are many factors that come into play. That’s why it is so important to have an experienced Spokane DUI Attorney helping you get through your Spokane DUI case. Your attorney’s experience is key. Defending Spokane DUI Drivers is as much of an art as it is a science. Watch out for attorneys that say they are DUI attorneys but in reality they are holding themselves out as a jack-of-all trades (practicing civil law, business law, criminal law). You typically, want someone who is mostly dedicated to Spokane DUI Defense. Why? Because they are keeping up with trends, policy changes, and important legal changes.

Find A Spokane DUI Attorney that Won’t B.S. You

Always go into your Spokane DUI consultation knowing that you can never get a guarantee to a result. No matter who you hire or how much you pay you could still get stuck with a DUI on your record. There is always some risk of that. If any lawyer tells you different, you’re probably working with the wrong one.

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