Washington DUI DOL

Washington DUI DOL Overview
One of the most confusing things for individuals charged with a Spokane DUI is how to deal with the Department Of Licensing. With deadlines, puzzling letters and potentially thousands of dollars on the line, it is best to have an experienced Spokane DUI Lawyer to lead you through this maze.

DOL Only Gives You 20 Days to Respond
You cannot wait! You only have 20 days from the date of your arrest to request a hearing. Depending on whether or not you have a Washington state license, there are a few ways you can request a hearing. You also want to make sure the DOL has your correct address to avoid any missed letters. If you get an experienced attorney on board within those first 20 days, they can help you fill out the request letter correctly.

The Confusing DOL Letter You Will Get

You can expect to receive a letter from the Department of Licensing within the first few weeks. It will advise you that your license will be suspended as a result of the arrest. It will list the start date and the length of the suspension. However, if you have requested your hearing within the 20 day deadline, you usually can disregard that letter. Check with your experienced Spokane DUI Lawyer first.

My Washington Driver’s License Got Punched. Can I Still Drive?

The general rule is that if your license was valid at the time of the arrest , your license is still valid until one of two things happens. That’s right, there are two (2) ways you can have your license suspended. First, by the department of licensing as a result of either not requesting a hearing or after a hearing where the suspension has been sustained. Second, as a result of a conviction for specific criminal charges, including DUI, Physical Control and Reckless Driving.

Even if the officer has punched your license, as long as you were not suspended at the time of the suspension, you are still able to drive. Make sure that you keep the bottom portion of the DOL request paperwork in your wallet as proof that you have requested a hearing.

Washington DOL Hearings

DOL hearings are not like criminal proceedings. First, the hearing is done over the phone. Second, there are only certain issues the hearings officer will be basing their decision on. An experienced Spokane DUI Attorney knows what those issues and is able to spot specific “problems” with the report.

Once you have an experienced Criminal Lawyer on board, they will receive the police report. An experienced Spokane DWI Lawyer will have you review the report and discuss the option of whether or not you should participate in the hearing. That’s right, you do not have to participate in the hearing, but your attorney’s strategy may require it and you have an absolute right to participate.

How Do I Find Out The Results Of My DOL Hearing?

The results of a DOL hearing are mailed to you, and you will generally receive them 2-4 weeks after the hearing. If your license is suspended, you may still be eligible to drive with one of WA State’s provisional licenses, the ignition interlock license. There are several steps you need to take to actually become a valid ignition interlock licensed driver. Failure to do any of those steps could result in further criminal charges.

What If My WA Driver’s License is Suspended By DOL?

You may still be able to drive, if you are eligible for an ignition interlock license. However, you will have to pay for the installation and rent of a ignition interlock device. Along with the costs of the ignition interlock device and the provisional license there is the cost of maintaining high risk insurance, SR22 insurance both during the period of your suspension, but also for the following years. If you do not have a license issued by Washington State, there may be other complications including being barred from driving in the state of Washington during the period of your suspension. Our Experienced Spokane DWI Lawyer can help you keep your license and avoid all these costs.

An experienced Spokane DUI Lawyer can help you through this process. Do not try to do it on your own. Even if you have a public defender, you can still hire a private attorney to do your DOL hearing. Spending a few hundred dollars now can save you thousands in the future.

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