Top Five Things To Know Before You Go To Court For Your Spokane DUI

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Yes, these are common sense, but you would be surprised to know that I have personally witnessed each and every one.  Make sure you present your best self by following these five things….

  1. Be Early To DUI Court

Most of us really try to be on time.  Something may happen that gets you out the door later than expected, traffic will be unusually slow and you may get lost.  This is unacceptable when it comes to court.

I once had a client get stuck in the security line.  Unfortunately, my client was in front of the one judge that always took the bench on time.  He would begin roll call and anyone not inside the courtroom when he called their name would be issued a warrant.  My client had to wait until the very end of the docket before we could get his warrant recalled and the case dismissed.

I tell my clients to be 15 minutes early.  Plan ahead and make sure you know where you are going and give yourself extra time to find the right courtroom once you are in the building.  Be prepared to go through security.  If you treat it like going through security at the airport, you should not have a problem.


  1. Dress Appropriately

This is one of the most common errors in judgment.  I always advise my clients to dress appropriately.  This means, dress like you would if you were going to church.  I am not talking suit and tie (unless you are in trial or your attorney specifically tells you to).  Men, wear slacks or khakis and a button up shirt.  Women wear length appropriate dresses or skirt, pants that are not skin tight, and always wear tops which are cleavage covering.

Do NOT wear shorts even if it is 100 degrees outside.  Do NOT wear jeans if you can avoid it.  Do NOT wear hats of any kind.  This applies to both men and women.

Just last week I was in court and witnessed a man in his late 50s wearing a letterman-style jacket.  It was black with leather sleeves.  It was very nice looking and there was almost nothing wrong with it.  I say almost because the gentleman’s jacket was sponsored by Jack Daniels.  The back read “drink responsibly”.  Again, this was almost appropriate but for the fact that he was pleading guilty to his second DUI.


  1. Speak Appropriately To The Judge

You can never go wrong with “Yes, your honor”.  Since all court hearings are recorded, either by a stenographer or with an audio recording, you will need to speak loud enough to be heard.


Never, never, never talk back to a judge, argue with or interrupt the judge.  This is something that attorneys struggle with as well.  If you have a problem or issue that you want the judge to know, tell the attorney standing next to you and they will relay it to the judge if it is appropriate to do so at that time.


  1. No Food, Drink, Gum or Children

Again, this seems like common sense, but I have seen attorneys smacking away on gum, or a defendant walk in late to court holding the coffee they stopped and got on the way.  This is a big no-no.  If you need to take or eat something, step outside the courtroom.


More often than not judges will ask that a parent wait outside because they have brought children inside the courtroom.  Some courthouses will provide on-site daycare.  You should call and check availability before you go.  If it cannot be avoided, plan on bringing something to keep them occupied.


  1. No Cell Phones

Let’s face it, you are likely going to be just sitting in the courtroom waiting for your turn.  There will be the temptation to get out your phone.  Don’t do it!!  If you have a cell phone with you, turn it off.  Some courts will allow you to silence your phone.  Others find the vibrate setting to be a distraction and require that phones be turned off completely.  Be on the safe side and turn it off.

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