Spokane DUI Top 7 Issues That You Better Understand

Spokane DUI Lawyers Quick List of The Top 7 Spokane DUI Issues For You To Know Before Doing Anything.

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    Get Your Car Out Of Impound

    It's mandatory that cars get impounded when the driver is arrested for a Spokane DUI. You'll have to wait 12 hours before you can get it out. The police should have given you a slip of paper of who towed your car. Only an owner can get the car out (generally).
    It's going to cost over $300 to get your car out of impound. The longer you wait the more expensive it will be. There may be an extra fee to get it out on a weekend.

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    First Court Date For Your Spokane DUI - What To Expect

    This court date is mandatory. The judge will call you up. The prosecutor will read all the bad facts of your case. 99% of the time the judge will find Probable Cause (enough legitimate facts to have you in the system). This can be fought later. After, this the judge will set release conditions. If you had a high BAC or any DUI history, the court will likely require random UA testing and that you install and ignition interlock device into your car (requires a breath test before your car will start). Lastly, the court will set you another court date called a "pre-trial".

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    Pre-trial Hearings

    Pre-trial hearings are not actually trials. This hearing really has nothing to do with a trial. It's more like a scheduling conference that you must attend to let the court know what you (and your DUI lawyer) are doing with your case (settling, continuing, or going to trial). It's common to have 2-4 pre-trial hearings. **Tip - if you're not ready to move forward on your case, don't miss work. Have your DUI lawyer "continue" (re-set and move) your case to another date. However, make sure to show up, unless you are sure that your lawyer continued the case or you could end up with a warrant for failure to appear.

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    Harsh Spokane DUI Prosecution Policies as of August 1st, 2016

    The Spokane County Prosecutor's Office has declared that it will take a harsher stance on DUI cases. They do not care if it is a first offense. In fact, they have declared that they will not negotiate on a DUI if the BAC (blood alcohol content) is over .121 (or a refusal we think). Does this mean all is lost? No! But, it will be important to have the proper guidance from an experienced Spokane DUI Lawyer. In light of this, Action Legal Group has elected to offer some new pricing. Call and ask or see our home page.

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    Spokane DUI Options

    The goal/hope is generally to settle your Spokane DUI with an amended lesser charge. For example, a Negligent 1st Degree Driving, or a Reckless Driving charge. There are others, but these two are the most common. However, if you get stuck with a DUI charge, it is still important to control the damage (fines, costs, probation, jail).

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    Spokane DUI - First Offense Penalties and Consequences

    There are two categories of first offense DUI Charges. A DUI (1)(A) is the lowest. It requires a mandatory 24 hours in jail (but up to 364 days in jail). The fine can be up to $5,000. Probation can last for 5 years, but the norm for Spokane County is 24 months. There are monthly fees to be on probation. You driver's license can be suspended for 90 days, and you will be required to have an ignition interlock system installed in you vehicle for 1 year. A DUI (1)(B) is the second category and comes into play if your BAC is higher than 0.149 or you refused a BAC test. Many of the issues are the same for this category, but there is a mandatory 2 day jail requirement, and there can be differences in time of license suspension. **Some of these factors can be negotiated to a more favorable status by your Spokane DUI Lawyer. Make sure to ask what penalties are flexible. (If you're wondering about jail, there are ways to get around this requirement).

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    Washigton Department of Licensing DUI Hearing

    Your Spokane DUI arrest actually triggered two cases against you. One in criminal court and one with the Washington Department of Licensing (DOL). The DOL is solely examining whether they should suspend your license or not. You have to request this hearing within 20 days of your Spokane DUI arrest. Yes, the day of your arrest counts, and it is a straight 20 days regardless of holidays and weekends. There is a fee to have the hearing $375, unless you qualify for the fee waiver. Just know that if you fail to request this hearing you will lose your license automatically. You may be able to get an ignition interlock to keep driving. Ask your Spokane DUI Attorney.

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