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Why Our DUI Lawyers and Criminal Defense Attorneys Are a Great Choice?

Getting you back to “normal life” is top priority. You’re stressed out enough. You don’t need to worry and wonder if you made the right choices. So let’s make this easier.

Here’s the deal with Action Legal Group:

  • 1

    Two Spokane DUI Lawyers But You'll Only Pay for One.

    Yes, they also handle other types of criminal defense cases.

  • 2

    Each Lawyer has 13+ Years of Experience.

    You'll never have to worry about new lawyers or interns handling your fate.

  • 3

    Our attorneys are rated as "Top Spokane DUI Lawyers"

    That's right you will be in good hands. They've each had this award (and others) for several years now. And we know you want your attorneys to be above average...

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    Independent ratings from Avvo.com as "Superb" and "10 out of 10".

    Yep, both of our Spokane DUI lawyers have had this rating and have for several years.

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    (44) 5 Star Reviews from Happy DUI Clients (and other criminal charges).

    You need to be skeptical online. So feel free to verify our past reviews. You'll see that each attorney has at least 20+ positive and 5 star reviews.

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    Monthly Payment Plans

    Your loved ones won't be nearly as angry about the impact on the family budget. And you won't have to starve to get the proper representation that you need.

  • 7

    After Hours & Weekend Appointments

    You have a life and a job. The world didn't stop, because of this incident. Breathe easier...we can work with you on schedule that makes sense for your life.

We helped several clients just like you, even when they thought they were “totally screwed.”

Our DUI Lawyers Are Committed to Getting You Back to Your “Normal Life”…Quickly and Affordably.

Action Legal Group was created with today's busy clients in mind. Here are some other benefits for you:

  • 1

    More Job Security Because You'll Have Fewer Court Appearances

    Bosses get angry when their employees are going to court for 2-3 hours every few weeks. We have ways to minimize this. In fact, we only want you to go to court when we are ready to resolve your issue. We won't waste your time.

  • 2

    Less Missed Work with After Hours Appointments

    Because you have a life, and the world didn't stop demanding your time as a result of this charge. We get it and we're flexible. You only need to ask for something that works for you.

  • 3

    Friendly Knowlegeable DUI Attorneys (Criminal Lawyers)

    You'll never be treated rudely and we don't pretend to be superior to anyone (i.e. "no silver spoons shoved up or...you know what). In our firm's culture, arrogance is the enemy.

  • 4

    Great Results - Our Reviews Prove It!

    "Proofs in the pudding", as they say. Feel free to see what other clients have experienced with us.

  • 5

    Minimize Your Embarrassment and the Damage to Your Reputation.

    We know that these events can be embarrassing, especially when you're up for a review or getting a new job. We'll do our best to eliminate or minimize that.

Getting you back to “normal life” is a priority. We get it. We’re also aware of how a DUI can affect your future. Rest assured that we will do all that we can do to minimize the consequences (and any embarrassment) of your Spokane DUI or criminal charge.


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5 Things You Must Know About Your Spokane DUI Case

Many of You Have Never Had To Hire a Lawyer Before. And you've never had to go to court (at least for yourself). It's foreign territory to say the least. Here are some things you should know about your DUI:

  • You Only Have 20 Days From Your Date of Arrest to Request a DOL Hearing or You'll Lose Your License.
  • The Court Can Order You To Take Weekly Urinalysis Tests - Expensive & Inconvenient - Don't Go To Court Without a DUI Lawyer.
  • Some Lazy Lawyers Will Make You Go To Every Court Date - An Unnecessary Waste of Your Time.
  • Not All Attorneys Have The Same Training - Choose Carefully - Ask Questions - Compare Them.
  • Jail Time Can Be Minimized and Even Eliminated for Some People Charged with DUI.

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What's Done Is Done, But What You Do About It Will Be Important

Being pulled over - getting out of the car with everybody staring as they drive by - then getting arrested for a Spokane DUI - To say the least, this is a stressful event...

What's done is done...

You've already learned the lessons from this event...

What matters now is what you do next...

You've got to take back some control and manage the damage...

Most of our clients have never had to hire an attorney before...

They often don't even know where to begin...

Rest assured that we will help you understand your entire situation and what can be done about your Spokane DUI...

You'll leave with a strategy & peace-of-mind...

You'll have meet with two of Spokane's Best DUI Lawyers who made everything transparent and understandable...

(You'll probably even feel relieved to have a course of action and some possible outcomes)

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Answers Important Questions That You Have Now: Like, where do I go next? What Can I expect? And, much much more…

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"The Action Legal Group Success Formula"

  • Affordable Defense Retainers
  • Monthly Payment Plans
  • Low Client Volume
  • Flat Fees (No Run-Away Legal Cost Worries)
  • 13+ Years of Experience (Each Spokane DUI Lawyer)
  • Top Rated & Reviewed Spokane DUI Lawyers
  • Experienced Spokane Criminal Defense Litigation Attorneys
  • Former Spokane Deputy Prosecutor (Deanna Crull)

= Excellent Results From Excellent Spokane DUI Lawyers

(criminal defense as well)

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What Kind of Cases Do Our Spokane DUI Lawyers and Spokane Criminal Lawyers Take?

More Information to Help You Understand Your Spokane DUI or Spokane Criminal Charges

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"It's Not What Happened - It's About What's Going To Happen Next!"

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