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Getting a DUI in Spokane is Stressful. You May Not Even Know Where to Begin. Here Are Some Common Questions and Some Things That You Should Know About Your Spokane DUI.

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Action Legal Group is a Spokane DUI Law Firm that Was Developed for The Specific Needs of People Charged with DUI in Spokane. Our Spokane DUI Lawyers and Their Services Are Tailored to Your Needs.

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You Got Arrested in Spokane, WA for a DUI - Now What?

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First Things First - Get Your Car Out of Impound

Don't leave your car in impound any longer than you have to. In Spokane, it generally costs between $300 - $400 to get your car out. The longer you wait the more it will be. You can expect to have some hassles and extra fees to get your car out of impound on the weekend. It's very difficult for somebody else to get your car for you.

This is My First-Offense Spokane DUI. What is the Worst Case Scenario?

The worst case scenario for one DUI charge with no prior offenses: up to 364 days in jail, a $5,000 fine, and 5 years of probation. You may lose your license for 90 days to one year.

How About the Best Case Scenario for my Spokane First Offense DUI?

The best result would be for the case to get dismissed, but that is not very common. The best realistic scenario for a first time offender in Spokane, is to get a reduction to a lesser charge. For example, a Negligent 1st Degree Driving, a Reckless Driving, or even a lesser DUI. Jail may not be a required, or if it is, it can likely be minimized to a few days. Probation is generally going to be about 24 months for a Spokane DUI.

My Friend Got a DUI Charge 3 years ago, in Spokane. His Case was Worse Than Mine, But He Got a Better Offer.

Every year the DUI laws in Washington get a bit tougher. Spokane's Prosecutor Guidelines have gotten extremely tough on DUIs. How our friends and family may have been treated for the same offense a few years ago can be greatly different than what you are facing now. It's much harder to get a favorable solution these days. So it is important to have an Spokane DUI Lawyer that will work hard for you. It's hard for people to compare DUI Lawyers. We have some information available on that.

What Can I Expect At My Free Consultation?

We will be friendly and courteous. You will not be subjected to any high pressure tactics. In fact, the consultation will be used to determine what options and strategies may be available to you. You will walk out of the meeting knowing a lot, and feeling better about what to do next. At the end, if you want to know, we will quote you a Flat Fixed Fee. That means that you will have one known price that will not change, regardless of how long your case takes. We can even set you up in a Payment Plan if you need.

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What's a First Offense Spokane DUI Really Going to Cost Me?

It really depends on your circumstances but a reasonable range is a total (before legal costs) of $3,500 to $10,000. This is a total number, and this amount is not due right away. Some of these costs we be monthly fees spread out of several months.

The important take away here, is that it is important to get a good Spokane DUI Lawyer that can help you minimize these costs. If your DUI attorney can get your charges reduced, you could save hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

What is the Typical Range of Legal Fees for a Spokane DUI Lawyer?

Again, this really depends on your situation. However, all law firms and all lawyers are not the same. It's often difficult for people with no experience in using a lawyer to compare them. We have an article here on Comparing Spokane DUI Lawyers.

In Spokane, legal fees before trial seem to run between $1,500 (for higher volume firms or less experienced attorneys) to $5,000 (which might be too high of price to pay).

Action Legal Group's DUI Lawyers offer Fixed Flat Fees and Payment Plans. Their plans are designed for clients that want top notch help, but also need to "pay the rent". Call for a free Spokane DUI consultation today.

How Well Review and Rated Are Action Legal Group's Spokane DUI Lawyers?

Our Spokane DUI Lawyers are among the most highly rated and sought after attorneys in Spokane. Each attorney has over 12 years of criminal defense and DUI defense experience. In fact, both Attorneys are rated 10 out of 10 by Avvo.com and also as "Superb" by Avvo.com. They each also have other awards from the National Trial Lawyers and Super Lawyers. You can take some relief in knowing that your attorneys are very well qualified to help you with your Spokane DUI Charge.

I Live Out of Town, But I Got a DUI in Spokane, WA, While Visiting?

That's Ok! We can Help. We have literally worked with people from all over the U.S., and even with citizens abroad. In fact, we have ways to help manage your case so your travel time and costs are reduced. We try to bring you back only one-time to resolve your case. We are usually able to have "all your ducks in a row" so that you can finish all your requirements in a short time.

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