How to be a good designated driver

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There is always seems to be a reason to paint the town red. Even when it isn’t holiday party season, it’s someone’s birthday, or time to celebrate a job promotion, or even to just rejoice that you have finally made it to the weekend once again. Of course you look forward to going out and having a good time, but what if you draw the short straw and end up the designated driver? How can you do a good job and avoid reckless driving in Bellevue?

What does it take to be a good designated driver?

A basic list of rules can help you to be a great designated driver, all while still having a good time. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Choose a DD before you leave. Deciding who is the most sober as you are leaving the bar is a bad idea, you should have a plan in place before the fun starts.
  • It is easier if the DD is the ride to and from the party. This way your friends won’t be tempted to drive their own cars home.
  • No cheating. That’s right, you have agreed to stay sober, so do it! Not one beer or one glass of wine, not even a sip from someone else’s drink. You are right, this won’t place you over the limit. But one drink easily becomes two and then three. Now everyone is at risk.
  • Save transportation numbers to your phone, just in case. If you do slip up and have a drink, do the right thing and call a taxi for your crew. The price of a cab is a lot less than a DUI, and that way you won’t need a Bellevue DUI Attorney.

You should also look at the bright side and keep in mind that there are a lot of good things that come from being a designated driver.

    • Free drinks. Depending on where you go, they may offer free or discounted soda and non-alcoholic beverages for the DD.
    • No hangover. You won’t be the one cursing sunlight and that bird three streets over that is making your head vibrate with it’s insanely loud chirping.
    • You get to gather the stories. Remember that time that so-and-so got up on the pool table and attempted to moonwalk while singing an old Billy Idol song? That story will be told by you instead of about you.
    • Next time you get a pass. You’ve had your turn being the responsible one, and now you get to pass the torch to someone else for next time.

Of course, everyone needs to go out and have a little fun sometimes. Make sure you are doing it the smart way by choosing and being a good designated driver.

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