George Zimmerman Vs. Domestic Violence Charge


Poor George can’t get a break; at least not since that big break he got from the jury. His latest run in with the law stems from an altercation with the one person who probably knows him best, his recently estranged wife. She was afraid enough during their exchange to make a frantic 911 call stating, “I don’t know what he’s capable of. I’m really, really scared.”

Shellie Zimmerman has a right to be afraid. Her estranged husband has been re-armed and she knows, like the rest of the world that he has killed before. Police later pulled George over and arrested him on suspicion of domestic violence.

As this new development in George’s life unfolds in front of a world audience, there has been much speculation on the proper course to deal with him and his family; especially since, until charges are filed, George gets to keep his gun.

Poor Shellie

Shellie Zimmerman and her family face an uncertain future depending on what kind of evidence the broken iPad yields. Until then, George is free, armed, and doesn’t have a No Contact Order to stay away. Even though the police chief of Lake Mary City isn’t happy about having an armed George Zimmerman about town, he admits there is little he can do.

Shellie’s situation is in most ways, rather typical. The big difference is that everyone knows of her predicament and is more than happy to keep an eye on George. Usually in situations like this, few pay attention until something bad happens.

Poor George

Whoever is running George’s PR campaign should be fired. The NBC coverage of his domestic violence investigation was, according to George, so full of errors that he has sued them for defamation. Something NBC denies. He probably needs to get his PR team out there feeding his updated side of the story to the press as soon as possible.

Public perception however, can be dangerous. In domestic violence situations, most assume the man is the aggressor and the woman is the victim. But according to a recent Harvard study, domestic violence is a 50-50 split between men and women. Women are more willing to report abuse however, feeding the perception that they are usually the victims.

The Real Story

The George and Shellie Zimmerman story without their fame is just another violent domestic dispute—something to be taken seriously. There is no joke here. This type of drama plays out in any home in Spokane. And like many domestic abuse cases, one spouse or the other will use violence to enforce their perception of right and wrong or the law. However, the lesson to learn from George is that taking the law into your own hands is dangerous and sometimes fatal.

When someone is involved in any kind of domestic violence or abuse in Spokane, they should seek help. In addition, when anyone is accused of domestic battery, they need a criminal defense attorney in Spokane.

In George and Shellie’s instance, we currently don’t know who the victim is or what happened. Until that time, as in any domestic violence case, both deserve their constitutional rights and protection under the law.

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