Fear and DUI Laws

cops blocking road dui patrols

The advantage of an informal poll is that the respondents don’t over think their answers; they are instead based on an instinctive gut reaction. That is why informal DUI polls are so interesting. The fear of drunk drivers is so intense that some people seem willing to agree to any type of tactic to stop drunk drivers.

Here are some questions to consider. How will you respond?

1) A police officer must have probable cause to pull over a vehicle, i.e. broken tail light, speeding, or reasonable suspicion. Consequently, if someone who is over the limit were able to drive past a police officer without showing any sign of impairment, he or she would probably get away with being DUI.

A solution to this problem would be to allow random stopping of any vehicle to see if the driver is impaired, especially after 9:00 pm. Should this be allowed?

2) If a police officer asks if you have been drinking, you don’t have to answer. Should there be a law that compels drivers to answer truthfully when asked?

3) If a police officer finds that a person has been drinking, should he be allowed to search the suspect’s vehicle for incriminating evidence?

4) Should bartenders be required to alert police if an inebriated customer is planning to drive home?

5) Every day people charged with DUI have their cases dismissed on a technicality dug up by a DUI attorney. Should the government pass laws that eliminate these technicalities for DUI cases?

6) In some countries, one DUI will cost you your license for life. Should we adopt similar policies?

7) Would you support a policy that seized the vehicle of a driver convicted of DUI, selling it to support victims of DUI?

8) Based on your responses so far, you appear to believe that people who drink and drive don’t deserve the same constitutional rights of other criminals. Is this how you really feel?

It is unfortunate that the sentiment against and fear of DUI would prompt people to believe that DUI suspects shouldn’t be afforded the same rights we all enjoy. But the first reaction of many people, unfortunately is exactly that.

This post was submitted by a guest writer. This may or may not reflect the ideas or opinions of the attorneys of Action Legal Group.

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