Spokane DOL Hearing

Spokane DOL Hearing

While driving home from a Spokane Symphony Orchestra concert, a police officer pulled you over and arrested you for DUI. Obviously, you’re not too excited when you receive a letter from the Department of Licensing. Opening the envelope reluctantly, you find a notice that informs you that your driver’s license will be suspended if you don’t request a hearing within 20 days. Puzzled, you think this must be some mistake. Don’t you already have a hearing scheduled with the court?

A Hearing with the Department of Licensing

In Washington, individuals who are arrested for a DUI are subject to having their license suspended by the Department of Licensing. After you are arrested, you will receive a notice instructing you to request a hearing to avoid losing your license. This hearing is in addition to any other hearings which may be scheduled by the court.

At the hearing, an officer from the Department of Licensing will consider multiple factors concerning your arrest, including whether the arrest was lawful, whether the arresting officer had reasonable grounds to believe you were intoxicated, whether you were read your rights, and the results of any drug testing. While the idea of a separate hearing from the Department of Licensing might seem repetitive, or you might think that you already have a hearing with the court, don’t ignore the notice.

A Spokane DOL Lawyer Can Save Your License

Since a DOL hearing isn’t a legal tribunal, many people feel that an attorney may not be necessary. This is not the case. The Department of Licensing still has rules and regulations along with the leeway to make certain judgment calls. Action legal group has extensive experience with DOL hearings. We can help yours go smoothly and help you regain your driving privileges as soon as possible.

Action Legal Group has skilled DOL hearing attorneys in Spokane. We will conduct a thorough review of your case and prepare a defense designed to protect your driving privileges. Best of all, we can help relieve the headache and stress associated with a DUI by putting your case in the hands of a qualified expert. Your DOL hearing is an important part of the DUI process. It is vital that it be handled properly. Call Action Legal Group and speak with an attorney that can help.

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