DUI Defense

A First Offense DUI Can Make Life Difficult.

One thing they don’t teach you in Driver’s Education is what to do when you are pulled over for a suspected DUI. They probably should.

You are a criminal suspect

Most people don’t think about this, but if an officer suspects you of DUI, it is no longer a traffic stop; it is a criminal investigation. That hint of alcohol on your breath is tacit permission for the officer to start gathering evidence against you. You will be peppered with questions, possibly asked to perform sobriety tests, or submit to a breath test. You need to know that even though the officer has yet to read you your rights, the prosecution will try to use everything you do or say up until your formal arrest against you.

A DUI is a big deal

You may think that a First Offense DUI will be no big deal. You shouldn’t believe that. A First Offense DUI means the loss of your driving privileges, sometimes up to a year. It will dramatically affect your insurance rates and even affect your career opportunities and current employment. It is a big deal.

That is why you need us to fight your charge right from the beginning. We are experienced with First Offense DUI cases. We know that most of the evidence against you is usually subjective. Even the breathalyzer results can be disputed. The arresting officer may not have even had probable cause to pull you over.

It hasn’t been decided

If you have been arrested for suspected DUI, the prosecution and the police want you to believe that you have no case. Everyone will treat you as if you have already been found guilty. You may feel like pleading guilty, just to get things over with. Let’s stop you right there. Your case has not been decided. Give us a call right now so we can save you from the nightmare a DUI inflicts on your life.

Sometimes people charged with a first-time DUI, think they can’t afford an attorney. That’s not the case. Over the next few years, you will lose far more money as a result of your DUI than the amount of our fee. Also, unlike other law firms we offer payment plans.

You do not want to have a DUI on your record. It can complicate your life in ways that make life difficult. Because we know how a DUI can hurt you, we fight against the charge from the minute you call us. Call us now.

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