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The lights flashing in your rear view mirror bring you back from your quick daydream. Swearing softly, you pull over to the side of the road. Silently, you remind yourself how much you hate the long commute from your job at the mine. Relief rushes over you as the officer announces that your tail light is broken, but suddenly his eye catches a small, plastic bag sitting among the jumbled mess on your passenger seat. Several hours later, you’re leaving the police station stunned. Faced with multiple charges, including possession and DUI, you’re not sure what to do.

Not Your Standard DUI

DUI refers to driving under the influence of alcohol, marijuana, or any drug which affects driving ability. A Spokane marijuana DUI charge is different than your standard DUI charge. Breath tests, which are commonly used to detect the presence of alcohol, are not effective at detecting marijuana. Instead, police officials typically administer urine or blood tests to determine intoxication. Because of the unique characteristics of marijuana, the evidence used to prove DUI cases involving marijuana is also unique.

With the right expertise, marijuana DUI charges can actually be easier to defend. Widespread controversy exists regarding the impairment caused by marijuana. Tests designed to test for marijuana in the body are often ineffective at proving impairment. A skilled Spokane marijuana DUI lawyer can often utilize these weaknesses to defeat charges by challenging evidence presented by the prosecution.

Action Legal Group Defends Marijuana DUI Charges

Action Legal Group has years of experience as Marijuana DUI Defense attorneys in Spokane. Our attorneys understand the complex testing involved in detecting marijuana and are skilled at challenging test results. We know how to contest evidence involving impairment and negotiate the lessening or dropping of charges. If you or someone you know is being charged with a marijuana DUI in Spokane, you need an attorney with experience handling unique DUI charges. Call Action Legal Group today.

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