Reckless Driving Defense

Reckless Driving Isn’t a Joy Ride

Why am I in handcuffs?

Let’s see. You are not drunk. There hasn’t even been an accident. However, you were going a little too fast. Other than that you were driving like a professional—but then that was the problem. The officer said you looked like Kyle Petty on I-5. That’s right. It “looked” like you may have been having too much fun in your high-powered German car, switching lanes too much and well . . . it looked dangerous. By the time the officer caught up with you, your speeding ticket had escalated to reckless driving.

If you think a reckless driving charge isn’t a big deal, think again. You are in handcuffs because you are being charged with a crime, possibly a gross misdemeanor. A reckless driving conviction could lead to imprisonment, fines, a driver’s license suspension or revocation, and increased insurance rates. You need a qualified reckless driving attorney, the sooner the better.

When you are able, call us here at Action Legal Group. We will immediately fight your charge. Reckless driving is often like the example above; it “looked” like you were being reckless. We dispute the evidence from the beginning. We seek for a dismissal as soon as we can. Subjective opinion and other shoddy evidence doesn’t do well against our aggressive defense.

Are you worried about how much your defense will cost? Relax. First, it will cost less than you will lose over the next several months and years if you are convicted of reckless driving. Second, we offer payment plans to help you afford the best defense and stay within your budget afterwards. We are in this for you.

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