No Contact Order Attorney

You are a good husband, father, and provider. Then one night after a stressful time at work you dive into a bottle in an attempt to erase a bad day. At the wrong time your wife and kids start in on you about something trivial and without any normal restraints on your actions you lash out physically.
Now you are facing a No Contact Order. You are cut off from your family, you need to find a new place to live, and you will miss your son’s birthday. Far more brutal and often more financially devastating than a divorce, a No Contact Order can turn your life upside down; it may affect you for years.

Who is the victim?

A No Contact Order in a domestic violence suit is imposed by the court in response to the threat of violence or an act of violence you committed. Even though your spouse wants you home and feels no threat from you, the courts may see it differently. Sometimes a No Contact Order victimizes the “victim” again.
This is not a situation you want to go through without legal help. Any misstep on your part may show you in violation of your No Contact Order, even if the contact is initiated by your “victim.” A violation can be grounds for revocation of your bail, additional fines, or even additional jail time.

Overcoming your No Contact Order

No matter what side you are on in a No Contact Order, if you are seeking to have the order dropped or modified, you will need to contact a Spokane criminal attorney to confront the courts and present your case. Your initial consultation with Action Legal Group is free of charge. From there we will determine the merits of your case and help you mount a solid case.
Depending on the nature of your original crime and the mindset of your victim, we can help you understand what you may face in the near future and beyond. We help you develop a strategy that the court will recognize as real progress. If the circumstances suggest it, maybe an anger management course would help. If alcohol was involved, maybe an alcohol rehabilitation program may be in order.

Other No Contact Orders

No Contact Orders that cover harassment or sexual assault charges are difficult to overturn or have modified. The No Contact Order may not be lifted until you are exonerated of the charge against you.
Even though your No Contact Order may be ruining your life, the court will almost always defer to the safety of the victim, whether it is your family, friend, or foe. It is a highly volatile area of the law. You can’t afford to not be protected. Call us today.

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