Domestic Violence Defense

Domestic Violence Is a Complicated Case

If you have been charged with domestic violence you probably feel like no one understands. We actually do.

Biased evidence

Domestic violence is a misunderstood crime. Even though a recent Harvard study suggests that women are the main instigator of violence in the home, men are generally the main suspects in an investigation. Arresting officers might ignore evidence that could implicate the woman because they are focusing on the assumption that the male is the main aggressor.

We are experienced attorneys in domestic violence cases. We fight to have your charge dropped before it even goes to trial. We know that most of the evidence against you is hearsay or even prejudiced if you are a man. We fight for your rights. But we can do nothing until you call.

Money shouldn’t be an issue

Were you and your spouse fighting over money? Many couples do. The last thing you need is more financial stress—however, you are going to need us to defend you. That’s why we offer convenient payment plans. We know how important it is for you to have proper legal help at a time like this. A conviction can strip you of parental rights, land you in jail, and devastate you financially. This won’t help you or your family.

Be aware of your emotion

Domestic violence cases tend to be very emotional. This doesn’t serve you. We take the emotion out of the case and hold the prosecution responsible to produce solid evidence. However, we understand that you will be very emotional about your charge, and we respect that. We help you to focus your emotion where it will do you and your case the most good.

We know you may be concerned about yourself, your reputation, and your family right now. That’s why you should call us now. We fight for those things as well.

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