Burglary Defense

Whether you are guilty, or just feel guilty, of your burglary charge, the first thing you should do it call us. Why? Because having a knowledgeable attorney at your side will help you relax and give you the best shot at getting the burglary charge dropped or lessened.

What about the cost? Don’t worry about it right now. We have payment plans and fixed-flat-fees so you can afford our services. The money will work itself out later; let’s worry about your case first.

After you’ve called us, we’ll go over the details of the charge with you. We’ll want to know your connection to the property that was broken into. We’ll need to know what you were doing there. We need you to completely open with us so that we can put together the best defense possible.

Our lawyers have defended against burglary charges many times. They’ll walk you through your defense and explain everything to you in clear terms. You won’t be alone in your fight; we’ll be there every step of the way, standing next to you, defending your rights.

Call us right now to get the best burglary defense attorney Spokane has to offer.

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