Criminal Law

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Criminal Law is You vs. Everybody Else

If you have been charged with a crime, you are the defendant. The plaintiff is society, the state, and the government. And if you lose, society sends you to jail, levies a fine, or both. In a criminal case, your life and future are on the line. The only ally the court offers you is the right to an attorney. The only weapons afforded to your attorney are the laws of the land. However, with the right criminal defense attorney, that is enough.

Even if you broke the law, the law is still your best defense

In a criminal case, the law is actually your best ally, but unfortunately, it is useless unless your attorney knows all of the aspects of the law designed to protect you. For instance, improper evidence gathering or any other failure by the prosecution could be cause to have your case dismissed. Lack of initial probable cause can erase a DUI charge. And failure to advise a suspect of his or her rights can invalidate even a confession.

Because criminal cases have so much on the line, the law provides protection against aggressive prosecutors or public sentiment. Even though crime usually creates victims, no one benefits from a wrongful conviction. It just creates another victim.

Get the right lawyer

Only an experienced criminal defense lawyer knows all the laws created for you. Lawyers who practice family law or personal injury law may be experts in their respective field but they won’t be able to help you in a criminal case. Also, anyone who is inexperienced or apathetic won’t be able or willing to do what it takes to get you through your ordeal.

The lawyers of Action Legal Group are experience enough and care even more to make the difference in your case. They know what is on the line. They fight for the best outcome for you because that is what everyone deserves.

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