7 Reasons Why a Spokane DUI Lawyer Is Worth It

The law is confusing and a courtroom can be an unforgiving environment. Let’s face it. You don’t practice law, and you may not be aware of the severity of the future consequences that a DUI can have. It’s important to consider the real costs of how you choose to proceed.

Here are seven important reasons to hire a DUI Attorney.

#1 A DUI Lawyer Can Help You Avoid Expensive Burdensome Testing Requirements

The court could order you to take part in expensive and burdensome urinalysis testing. This type of testing is usually random. Typically, you’ll be required to call a facility once a day to see if your number is up (sometimes a color is used).

Testing requirements can be hard for people that are working. If you can’t make the testing on time, then you risk a pre-trial release conditions violation. Violations can land you in jail and make it harder to resolve your DUI case favorably.


#2 Consider Your Future Employability and the Competition for Good Paying Jobs.

It’s totally natural to just want to get it all over with and put it behind you. But today’s pain might not be nearly as bad as it will be years down the road. As you grow into better jobs over time, do you really want to always have your DUI pop up. Will it keep you from moving up? It’s worth the effort to keep your record and reputation as clean as possible.

Imagine as you’re filling out any employment paperwork how you’ll feel answering any questions about your criminal record. The position is between you and five others. It would be an income and prestige boost that you and your family could really use. As you’re sitting with HR or the boss, your criminal record will come up. Do the other candidates have a record?

Really, when you hire a DUI lawyer, you’re protecting your future employment and reputation. You’re trying to get that monkey off your back.

Now, am I saying that all is lost, if you have a DUI conviction? Nope – not at all. Plenty of successful people have DUIs, but it will present a challenge sometime in your future.


#3 A Washington DUI Will Never Come Off Your Record.

So, it’s worthwhile to hire a DUI attorney to at least do everything you can to avoid it. It’s not the end of the world if you can’t, but you should try. So, the moves you make now, are potentially permanent. A DUI cannot be expunged or removed from your record.


#4  Ignition Interlock Devices are Expensive and Embarrassing.

If you are convicted for DUI, you’re going to have to install an ignition interlock device (AKA “blow-n-go”) for at least a year. You’ll have to blow in it to start your car and possibly while driving. Most people feel embarrassed to be seen blowing into the machine or when people look into their car.


#5 Avoid 3 Years of Expensive SR22 “High-Risk” Insurance.

You’ll need to have mandatory “high-risk-insurance” for at least three years. This is going to hit you in the wallet. There are certain lesser charges that DUI lawyers can negotiate that will avoid needing expensive insurance.


#6 Reduce Court Fees and Fines.

A DUI lawyer may help you reduce fees and fines significantly. This alone can help offset the cost of proper representation.


#7 Limit Probation Time, Expense and Hassle.

Did you know you must pay probation to be on probation? What? Yep, I’m serious. So, it’s wise to reduce the amount of probation as part of your negotiations. It’ll save money and the pain of dealing with a probation officer.


The Bottom Line: Should I Hire a Spokane DUI Lawyer?

Well, of course I’m biased but I say, “yes”. It’s worth it just for peace-of-mind and knowing that you’re at least doing what you can to protect your future. Hopefully, you see that you must look down the road and past the pain of today to see the “hidden costs” of not taking the right action.


The next easy step you should take…


Call for a free opinion on your Spokane DUI. You’ll get an idea of whether hiring a lawyer is worth it or not.


Also, knowing where you’re at and what’s really at stake, will give you some peace-of-mind.


P.S. Make sure to ask us about our payment plans if you’re worried about your monthly budget. Rest assured you’ll be in good hands. Our (44) 5-star-reviews will speak for themselves.



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