Monthly Archives: November 2013

Why Assault is Nothing Like the Movies

You have seen this exact scene played out over and over again in the movies: You are minding your own business, enjoying a night out on the town. Your beautiful girlfriend accidentally bumps into someone as you walk through the bar, and even though she said she was sorry, he just won’t let it go.…

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“Have you been drinking?”

It’s always best to not drive when you drink. Everyone knows to get a designated driver or call a cab. It is important to be responsible, but it is also important to understand your rights. When you are pulled over and suspected of a DUI, what questions are you legally required to answer? You should…

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Fear and DUI Laws

The advantage of an informal poll is that the respondents don’t over think their answers; they are instead based on an instinctive gut reaction. That is why informal DUI polls are so interesting. The fear of drunk drivers is so intense that some people seem willing to agree to any type of tactic to stop…

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