Charged with a Criminal Offense?

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You need to call us right now. Not only will we help you relax and ease your fears, we’ll go over the details of your case and ensure that everything is in order so you have the best chance of getting the charge dropped or lessened. It’s not about money; it’s about getting you the best representation in court. That’s why we offer payment plans to match your budget. Don’t go to jail because you think you can’t afford an attorney. Call us. We’ll work out the money later.
You’ve been charged.
What now? It seems the world is against you and your future is ruined. No. There is hope. We’ve represented clients ranging from 1 st offence DUI to Felonies. We have the training. We have the experience.But every lawyer will tell you that to get your business. The different between Action Legal Group and any other law firm in Spokane is that we can back it up. Check our lawyer’s Avvo ratings. Read our client testimonials. We offer payment plans. We have fixed flat fees.All of this comes down to one simple fact: We are the law firm for you.

Action Legal Group, PLLC

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Senit and Deanna are a solid team.

Senit is an extremely personable guy. In a sticky situation he helped me focus my head and work through the several issues surrounding a DUI charge. His fees were in line with competition. His interest free payment plan was awesome. (Ask him about discounts for future referrals…. I paid down my bill after several other WSU students I know hired him). He and his team are extremely responsive and I felt were there for me 100%. Highly recommended.

Rating by: Dave V, a DUI client – 5.0 stars


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