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If You Need To Stay Out Of Jail, Keep Your License, Or Just Get Home To Loved Ones Sooner, Our DEDICATED LEGAL TEAM APPROACH Will Do It Faster, Better and More Affordably Than The Rest.


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Why Choose Action Legal Group?

Because, You'll Get Two Highly Trained And Experienced Spokane DUI/Criminal Defense Attorneys On Your Case (You'll Only Pay For One), And They'll Use A Highly Effective Legal Team Approach To Get You Out Of "The System" Faster With Great Results, Even When You Think Your Totally Screwed...

We also work harder and faster so you'll have fewer court appearances, which means that you'll miss less work, and we can generally save you at least $500...

All this is made easy and completely affordable with Flat Fixed Legal Fees (no surprise bills), Easy Monthly Payment Plans (won't break your budget), and other protections and guarantees that are all designed to make your life easier.

Look, we understand that most of our clients work. So, we offer after-hours and weekend appointments to make things easier on you.

We also understand that you're probably really stressed about your driver's license, because it effects so much of your life... If you act fast we can generally help you keep driving.

Don't Worry We'll Help You Get Back To Normal Life Faster and Better...

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7 More Solid Reasons To Choose Action Legal Group For Your Spokane DUI Or Criminal Case

Many of You Have Never Had To Hire A Spokane DUI Lawyer Before. So Here Are a Few Factors That You Should Consider As Your Compare local DUI Lawyers...

  • Only Experienced Lawyers On Your Case: Each Of Our Spokane DUI And Criminal Lawyers Have 13+ Years of Experience. You'll Never Have To Worry About An Intern Or Junior Lawyer Working On Your Case.
  • HIghly Rated & Reviewed: 10 out of 10 and "Superb" on AVVO With Positive Reviews To Support Our Ratings And Claims. There's No Better Proof Of Results And Promises Than What Past Clients Share.
  • Awards & Recognition: All Of Our Spokane DUI Lawyers Have Industry Recognition & Respect. They've Invested In Themselves And Their Skills To Bring You Great Results.
  • Limited Clients: Only 10-12 New Clients Are Taken Each Month, Which Means Your Attorneys Will Have More Time On Your Case. I Think You'll Agree That You Want Us Focused On Getting You The Best Results Possible.
  • Limited Practice Areas: We Limit Our Practice Areas So We Are Never Spread to Thin Or Not Up On Current Developments.
  • Highest Quality Legal Resources: We Invest $1,000's Each Month On Systems That Make Sure What We Tell You Is Accurate And Up To Date. Many Firms Make No Investment Here, And They Only Find Out Through Peers In Court...
  • Made Affordable & Easy: We've Made It Easy For You To Get Some Of The Best Representation That Money Can Buy. Monthly Payment Plans So You Don't Have To Live In Your Car. Flat Fixed Fees So You'll Never Have To Pay Hundreds Extra Because A Judge Is Late Taking The Bench.

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What's Done Is Done, But What You Do About It Will Be Important

Being pulled over - getting out of the car with everybody staring as they drive by - then getting arrested for a Spokane DUI - To say the least, this is a stressful event...

What's done is done...

You've already learned the lessons from this event...

What matters now is what you do next...

You've got to take back some control and manage the damage...

Most of our clients have never had to hire an attorney before...

They often don't even know where to begin...

Rest assured that we will help you understand your entire situation and what can be done about your Spokane DUI...

You'll leave with a strategy & peace-of-mind...

You'll have meet with two of Spokane's Best DUI Lawyers who made everything transparent and understandable...

(You'll probably even feel relieved to have a course of action and some possible outcomes)

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Answers Important Questions That You Have Now: Like, where do I go next? What Can I expect? And, much much more…

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"The Action Legal Group Success Formula"

  • Affordable Defense Retainers
  • Monthly Payment Plans
  • Low Client Volume
  • Flat Fees (No Run-Away Legal Cost Worries)
  • 13+ Years of Experience (Each Spokane DUI Lawyer)
  • Top Rated & Reviewed Spokane DUI Lawyers
  • Experienced Spokane Criminal Defense Litigation Attorneys
  • Former Spokane Deputy Prosecutor (Deanna Crull)

= Excellent Results From Excellent Spokane DUI Lawyers

(criminal defense as well)

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What Kind of Cases Do Our Spokane DUI Lawyers and Spokane Criminal Lawyers Take?

More Information to Help You Understand Your Spokane DUI or Spokane Criminal Charges

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"It's Not What Happened - It's About What's Going To Happen Next!"

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