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Many Have Never Worked With an Attorney Before, and They Do Not Know How to Choose. Here Are Some Helpful Factors To Compare Spokane DUI Attorneys:

  • Actual Years of DUI Defense Experience - Each of Our DUI Attorneys has 12+ Years
  • Positive & Recent Client Reviews - We Have Hundreds of Happy DUI Clients
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Getting a DUI in Spokane is very stressful. You've probably never had to consider hiring a lawyer before. We understand. Action Legal Group has helped 100's of people in the very same situation that you are in.

Most of our clients leave feeling better, because they learn their options in a stress-free environment that is meant to help them make some very important decisions. It's all about your needs. Come in and share your story and see what you can do about it.

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What Kind of Cases Do We Take?

  • Spokane DUI

    At least 65% of our practice is helping clients with Spokane DUI Charges. We’ve worked with 100’s and 100’s of DUI cases over 12+ years.

  • Physical Control

    Very similar to a DUI case, but usually there is no actual driving that is seen by the police.

  • Assault Cases

    We’ve also helped 100’s of clients with difficult Spokane assault cases. We’ve helped many families get the help that they need to resume their happy family lives.

  • Controlled Substance Violations

    Possessions to Deliveries

  • Spokane Felony Cases

    We can handle most Spokane felony charges, but we do not handle any sex crimes.

  • Shoplifting Charges

    We can help you keep your record clean or at least minimize the impact.

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