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Top-Rated Spokane DUI Lawyers Get Results

Nobody means to get a DUI. It's embarrassing and stressful, but totally accidental. All you can do is learn from your mistake, but you must also do your best to do some damage control. Action Legal Group's Spokane DUI lawyers are dedicated to helping Spokane drivers who get arrested for DUI.

 Important Features:

  1. Flat Fees - No Expensive Run Away Hourly Fees To Worry About.
  2. Payment Plans - No Reason You Can't Have Top-Rated DUI Help.
  3. Top-Rated DUI Lawyers -  Award Winning Spokane DUI Lawyers.


Spokane DUI Helpful Infographics:

5 Tips Before Your Hire A Spokane DUI Lawyer

A Map of Your Spokane DUI Case

DUI Lawyers

About our Spokane DUI Lawyers, Deanna Crull and Senit Lutgen. Check out their client reviews. They have helped hundreds of people just like you.

Spokane DUI Info

All About Your Spokane DUI Charges. We give it to you straight. No B.S. Make sure to watch our helpful DUI Video that explains what you need to know on the day after you get arrested. It will help your stress.

Spokane Criminal Lawyers

Our Spokane Lawyers can help you with other charges to. They have handled everything from the mild to the intense.

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05 May

Spokane Find My Court Date

This article will help you find your Spokane court dates.  Not knowing your court date can be stressful. Sometimes the Spokane County District Court Clerks are not available, and it can be hard to get a hold of your attorney. Nonetheless, Action Legal Group, a group of Spokane DUI Attorneys, is offering this article and […]

30 Jan

Washington Initiative 502 Is Pot Really Legal Now

Since initiative 502 passed, making recreational use of marijuana legal, I have had several client make statements to the effect of “Well, pot is legal now, so I wasn’t doing anything wrong”.  Unfortunately, this may not actually be true. Here are some things you may not know about Initiative 502 and Washington’s legalization of marijuana*… […]

30 Jan

Understanding Your DOL DUI Hearing That Comes WIth Your Spokane WA DUI

If you have just been charged with a DUI in Washington State, you are understandably focused on the criminal consequences.  You want to know how much jail time you are facing, or possible fines.  What you may not realize is that your arrest for DUI has triggered an administrative action with the Washington State Department […]

30 Jan

Top Five Things To Know Before You Go To Court For Your Spokane DUI

Yes, these are common sense, but you would be surprised to know that I have personally witnessed each and every one.  Make sure you present your best self by following these five things…. Be Early To DUI Court Most of us really try to be on time.  Something may happen that gets you out the […]

03 Oct

What Outcomes Can You Expect With A Spokane DUI Attorney

First and foremost, there are never any guarantees. Nobody, and I mean nobody should be giving you 100% assurances to the outcomes that you can expect with your Spokane DUI. Enough said on that! Common Spokane DUI Factors That Impact Your Case Outcome Each Spokane DUI case is different, and just because cousin Larry got […]

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Action Legal Group is dedicated to helping people charged with criminal offenses in Spokane Washington. Our lawyers are top-rated and well reviewed. Each lawyer has over 10 years of criminal law and dui defense experience. Action Legal Group maintains a high standard and keeps its focus on client satisfaction. That's why we offer so many different options. We make it easy. Get Your Free Consultation.

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